Lavrador buckskin Lusitano Stallion


Lusitano Stallion Imported from Portugal
16.2 Buckskin
Approved for Breeding by the Associacao Portuguesa
De Criadores Do Cavalo
Puro Sangue Lusitano
Adult Stud Book #3451

Lavrador embodies everything one looks for in the perfect horse: Exquisite breathtaking beauty, superb movement and athletic ability,  and the kindest of temperaments.  Lavrador has proven to be an exceptional breeding stallion.  Bred with a variety of mares, including Lusitano, Arabian, Quarter Horse, Warmblood,  Thoroughbred,  Morgan & Kiger Mustang,  Lavrador consistently improves functionality, athleticism and temperament, transmitting his superb qualities to his offspring.

Lavrador's bloodlines represent the best that Portugal has to offer.  Sired by Dario, a Veiga-Quina Stallion, and Batelada, a daughter of Trovao,  a member of the School of Equestrian Art in Lisbon.  (See page 225 of Arsenio Cordeiro's book, Lusitano Hor
Vidago,  sired by Nuno Oliveira's  stallion, Euclides, and the highly respected mare Garvoneza,  is the sire of Trovao.  (See page 148 of Arsenio's book to see a photo of Euclides, ridden by Nuno Oliveira.) se Son of the Wind, to see a photo of Trovao).  

Stud Fee:  $2,000 LFG


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No. 1143 Lavrador Buskskin Lusitano Lavrador as a Breyer Horse Model
Lavrador as a Breyer Horse Model